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V-Luxe Probiotics: Help Restore Vaginal Health at

Our Secret Weapon: Proprietary Vaginal Probiotics

A Special Blend of Strong Probiotics Which Help To Fight BV & Restore Vaginal Health

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Meet ShyShy - The Founder of V-Luxe and learn about her story, only at

Inspired by a Personal Experience

Meet the founder of V-Luxe & learn how it all started.

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Natural Antibiotics Oregano Oil by V-Luxe only at

Natural Antibiotics: Wild Oregano Oil

A surprising supplement that is great to strengthen your immune system and assist with bad bacteria

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10 Things You Can Do Today To Fight Recurring BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) at

10 Things You Can Do Today to Fight Recurring BV

Here's a list of our top 10 recommendations.

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Clinically Proven

Supports a Healthy Vaginal Ecosystem

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Probiotics Money-Back-Guarantee

Helps Establish Healthy Vaginal Flora

Using Good Bacteria

Made in the USA

In a cGMP Certified & FDA Registered Facility

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  • 00% Of Women Will Suffer from Bacterial Vaginosis in Their Lifetime.
  • 00% Of Antibiotic Treatments for Bacterial Vaginosis Won't Be Effective.
  • 00 Million Women Get Bacterial Vaginosis Every Year, in the USA Alone.

We Believe that We Can Do Better Collectively.
We Offer Remedies, Advice, and Support to Women Who are Dealing With BV, Yeast Infections, and UTIs.

  • Stronger Vajayjay
  • Balanced Vaginal
    pH Level

What Can V-Luxe Help With?*

  • Supports
    Urinary Tract
  • Restores
    Good Bacteria
  • Post-Antibiotic
    Vaginal Support

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