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Your BV Journey | Interview with Mel

Posted by V-Luxe on on Jul 18th 2023

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself! What do you enjoy doing? What brings you joy?

My name is Melinda, but everyone calls me Mel! I’m in my late 20’s. I am currently single, I love meeting new people and going on adventures. I’m crazy about traveling and I do my best to go on 3-4 vacations a year. I am also obsessed with the beach. I love swimming, surfing, and watching the sunset. I also really care about my health, I try to cook most of my meals, include veggies and protein as the main elements of my diet and stay active.

2) When did your journey with bacterial vaginosis start?

My journey with bacterial vaginosis started after I got out of college, so about 7 years ago. I actually did not know what BV was until my OB told me that I had it. When I first learned about BV I thought that was an easy infection to get rid of, at least that’s what my OB made me believe. I also remember feeling relieved to learn that I didn’t have an STD, I was really worried about that when I was having the first BV symptoms!

3) Tell us more about your journey with BV, how often did you get it? What was the most difficult part of having recurring BV?

After getting diagnosed with BV for the first time, I got the normal antibiotics for it. I took it as directed and didn’t change anything else about my lifestyle. The infection did go away and I kept going with my life. I actually started dating a guy and we had just gotten serious. That was about the time that my BV came back for the 2nd time. I knew what it was immediately because of that distinct smell. I was honestly really embarrassed that my then-boyfriend would find out about it, so I made up a few excuses to not see him for a week until it was cleared. However, this time, it didn’t go away with the antibiotics. The symptoms have been reduced but I knew it was still there, if you know what I mean. I was trying to get more support from my doctor but I was told to keep taking the antibiotics. I feel really stupid saying all of this now, but I was clueless and I listened to what my doctor told me to do! I “powered through” the pain and discomfort of my BV and pretended like everything was ok around my boyfriend and friends. I was praying that no one could smell it.

I think that this was the hardest part - feeling ashamed and embarrassed to share my situation with the people that were closest to me. I felt dirty and unworthy. Having recurring BV really affected my mental health!

Over the past few years, I was really struggling with my vaginal health. I obviously started reading a lot about bacterial vaginosis. I tried using boric acid which temporarily helped with the symptoms but didn’t resolve the issue. I have tried vaginal creams, and probiotics that were available at that time. I even put yogurt in my vagina one time because I was so desperate and someone online said it helped here! Side note - please don’t put any food in the vagina!

My boyfriend and I eventually split up for different reasons, I still wonder if he realized that something was so wrong with my vagina back then.

4) What solutions did you find along the way that you would like to recommend to other women?

Like I said, boric acid was helpful with the symptoms but didn’t cure me. I found that wearing airy clothes helped as well. My diet also made a big difference. When I was really good about not eating sugar and keeping a clean diet, I noticed that my symptoms subsided. But it was hard for me to stay consistent with that.

The best solution that I’ve found for my recurring BV is of course the V-Luxe supplements which I’m obsessed with! I discovered V-Luxe through a BV-related forum. I had low expectations but decided to give the probiotics a shot. At first, I didn’t really look into how the probiotics work, but after taking them for 2 months and noticing that my symptoms are going away, I had to find out how these miraculous pills work! When I found that the V-Luxe probiotics have a high CFU count that women like me desperately needed, it all clicked! My vaginal pH level was horrible, it was way above what it should have been so it was no wonder I kept getting BV. (For our readers who don’t know this yet, a healthy vaginal pH level creates a favorable environment for good bacteria and prevents the growth of bad bacteria). I don’t need to go into details because I know all of this information is available on the V-Luxe website, but needless to say, V-Luxe was what I needed to cure my BV.

5) Where are you now with your vaginal health journey?

I am in the best place I’ve been in for years! I am taking the V-Luxe 50 Billion CFU probiotics every day and I monitor my pH level. I learned so much about my vaginal health. For example, I can tell by my discharge when I’m ovulating, it’s really amazing to know my body so well! I don’t get any more BV infections. I do sometimes feel itchy or uncomfortable, when that happens I double up on my probiotics and it clears up within a day or two. Obviously, this is just my personal experience with the V-Luxe probiotics, but I absolutely believe that women who are struggling with BV should at least try them for a month or two!

6) Any other advice or final words to share with other women who are currently dealing with BV?

Talk about your BV! Share how you feel with trusted friends and family. Don’t do what I did, I was hiding and it really affected my mental health. I am now an open book when it comes to vaginal health and I found out that so many of my girlfriends are also dealing with recurring UTIs, yeast infections, and BV. I get to be a part of their support system and make the journey easier for them. Build a support network that will keep your mental health steady and in check.

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your personal journey, Mel! We really appreciate it and we're positive that other women will find your story empowering.


- The V-Luxe Team