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“When I was struggling to find a permanent cure for my own recurring BV, I kept telling myself that if I found a viable solution, I’d have to share it with other women." featured on international business times

V-Luxe embarked on a mission to eliminate this [BV] taboo, raise awareness, promote research, and provide women with clinically-proven remedies to tackle common health issues [BV, yeast infections, and UTIs].

"The anxiety and shame that women are faced with, in addition to the physical symptoms [of vaginal infections], is extremely frustrating." featured on

There is no better feeling than knowing that V-Luxe is actively helping thousands of women with their healing journey, making women more confident, and educating more women about these common vaginal infections. featured on the SD Voyager

Here at we sell probiotics that are formulated for women who are suffering from bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and UTIs. Our probiotics are produced in a meticulous process to ensure the good bacteria will stay alive until the expiration date on the bottle. featured on

We use the strongest good bacteria strains that can survive extreme weather (for shipping and storage purposes) and stay alive through any pH environment (this is very important as weaker strains will simply die in our stomach acid and won’t provide the user with any benefits).