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We Help Women Fight Recurring Bacterial Vaginosis, UTIs & Yeast Infections Using Powerful & Natural Probiotics & Supplements.


We're now introducing our V-Luxe Starter Kits. The Kits will have everything we believe you need to fight & prevent common vaginal infections!

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Everything We Believe You Need to Fight & Prevent BV!
15 Billion CFU Probiotics | 30 Day Supply
50 Billion CFU Probiotics | 60 Day Supply
Vaginal pH Tester | Approximately 100 Tests
Mushroom Immune Support | 30 Day Supply
Oregano Oil | 60 Tablets
The Starter Kit is Heavily Discount (20% OFF Original Items' Cost)
Includes Free Shipping & Shipping Insurance

BV Doesn't Have to Control Your Life, Introducing: The V-Luxe Starter Kit! 
Our goal is to make it easier for you to get all the products and benefits we believe you need to fight & prevent recurring BV. Our V-Luxe Starter Kit includes 5 items, each with a unique benefit to help you on your healing journey. The Starter Kit is heavily discounted, ships quickly, and includes thorough explanations of how to consume each supplement and why it's beneficial for you.

Our main focus here at V-Luxe is to help women with their vaginal health. Our mission is personal as we know what it's like to suffer from recurring vaginal infections. We've already helped thousands of women, and we're here to help you too!

The key to preventing and fighting recurring bacterial vaginosis naturally is to promote a healthy vaginal pH level (3.5 - 4.5) and have a strong immune system that will be able to locate and fight infections. All of the items in our Starter Kit are meant to do exactly that! You can read about each item here on the page, or visit every product page individually. 

We're always here to help and to answer any questions!



The probiotiocs in the kit (our best sellers!) include the following benefits: 

A Message From The Owner:

"As someone who has struggled with recurring BV, I know the importance of probiotics. I tried many different types of probiotics and never understood why they didn't work well for me. As I learned more, I realized that many companies only use 1 strain of probiotics or that the number of live CFUs was drastically reduced by the time it was delivered to me. I took it upon myself to find a better solution and I am so happy to share it with you!" - Shyla


We Included Our Two Best Selling Probiotic Formulas in The Starter Kit!
You'll receive the 30 day supply of the 15 Billion CFU formula & a 60 day supply of the 50 Billion CFU formula.

Start by taking the 15 Billion CFU Probiotics for 30 days. We ask that you do this to allow your body some time to get used to the probiotics, as some women may experience minor side-effects like a stomach ache, bloating, or extra gas when they first start taking probiotics. We want you to have a positive experience with our probiotics so we encourage you to start with the lower potency formula first.

The Benefits: The probiotics will help promote a healthy vaginal pH level (3.5 - 4.5). A healthy vaginal pH will help you prevent and fight bacterial vaginosis.
How to use? Take 1 pill per day for 30 days, preferably with a meal.

After 30 days of the 15 Billion CFU count, please start taking the 50 Billion CFU Probiotics, you’ll get enough supply for 60 days (you only need to take one pill every day!). The 50 Billion CFU Probiotics are more potent and will work even faster and better than the 15 Billion Probiotics. We recommend taking the 50 Billion Probiotics for 4-6 months to give the good bacteria the best chance and ample time to colonize the vagina and help you prevent bacterial vaginosis.

The Benefits: This even stronger probiotic formula will keep colonizing your vagina and fight bad bacteria. The probiotics work by producing lactic acid, this is the acid that will keep your vaginal pH level healthy & balanced!
How to use? Take 1 pill a day for 60 days, preferably with a meal.

After you have finished using your V-Luxe Starter Kit, you may choose to subscribe to the items that work best for you and continue to enjoy 20% OFF on a recurring basis. Or you may order individual items that work best for you whenever you feel the time is right!

Want to learn even more about the probiotics? Visit their individual product pages:
Click here to view the 15 Billion CFU Probiotic product page.
Click here to view the 50 Billion CFU Probiotic product page.


You'll Receive the Vaginal pH Tester with Approximately 100 Tests!

One of the easiest ways to monitor your vaginal health is by checking your vaginal pH level. This is a super easy test you can do in the comfort of your home!

We always recommend that you check your vaginal pH level on a regular basis to find out what might trigger it to go up and down. A healthy vaginal pH is between 3.5 - 4.5, when it’s higher than 4.5 it means your vagina is not acidic enough, requires probiotics, and the higher pH makes you more prone to BV infections.

There could be so many triggers that increase your vaginal pH level such as semen, lube (also lube on pre-lubed condoms!), tight clothes, diet, laundry detergent, and much more. If you’re able to find the trigger, you’ll have more power and control over your vaginal pH level and one step further on the road to being healed from BV. 

The Benefits: Monitor your vaginal pH level at home to find out what triggers it to go up and down.
How to use? Test your pH level at least once per day. Rip a small piece of the pH paper and apply the vaginal discharge onto the paper. The paper will change its color to match your pH level, a healthy pH is between 3.5 - 4.5.

Want to learn even more about the pH tester? Visit its individual product pages:
Click here to view the pH Tester product page.


You'll Receive a 30 Day Supply of the Mushroom Immune Support in The Starter Kit!

Mushrooms have been used for years to help regulate and boost the immune system. When you are fighting recurring BV, your immune system is always on the defense trying to prevent the next infection.

Our mushroom supplement contains 9 types of organic USA-grown mushrooms, each strain offering a different benefit for your immune system. While this is not directly intended for vaginal health, we love recommending this supplement to our customers who suffer from recurring BV because everything starts and ends with your immune system and how strong it is! Think about it, a well-established and strong immune system is more likely to locate and prevent bad bacteria from overgrowing and will thus prevent BV.

The Benefits: Boost your immune system, as well as support your brain & memory health, stress management, blood-sugar modulation, and more!
How to use? Take 2 pills per day, preferably with a meal.

The mushrooms & probiotics create a super immune support combo!

After you have finished using your V-Luxe Starter Kit, you may choose to subscribe to the items that work best for you and continue to enjoy 20% OFF on a recurring basis. Or you may order individual items that work best for you whenever you feel the time is right!

Want to learn even more about the Mushroom Immune Support? Visit its individual product pages:
Click here to view the Mushroom Immune Support product page.

You'll Receive the Oregano Oil (60 Tablets) in The Starter Kit!

Our nickname for Oregano oil is "natural antibiotics". It has been used for centuries (ever since the Greek and Roman civilizations) for its medicinal purposes. It has been studied and shown to not harm good bacteria (unlike traditional antibiotics) but instead, inhibit the growth of certain types of bad bacteria and yeast. It’s a great supplement to try if you’re suffering from recurring BV… some women swear by it!

The Benefits: Great natural immune support with powerful properties. It's great for gut health and it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
How to use?
We recommend you take the oregano oil whenever you feel a flare-up of BV. You can take an Oregano Oil capsule 1-3 times per day, for up to 7 consecutive days at a time.
Please do NOT take this supplement if you are actively trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or breastfeeding.

Please remember: we definitely need the medical community to do more research about oregano oil and the way it works against bad/harmful bacteria. Please consult with your doctor if you’re taking additional medicine before taking this supplement.

After you have finished using your V-Luxe Starter Kit, you may choose to subscribe to the items that work best for you and continue to enjoy 20% OFF on a recurring basis. Or you may order individual items that work best for you whenever you feel the time is right!

Want to learn even more about our Oregano Oil? Visit its individual product pages:
Click here to view the Oregano Oil product page.

"Hi! I'm ShyShy, the founder of V-Luxe. My story is probably similar to yours. I struggled with recurring BV (bacterial vaginosis) for years, and no doctors, pills, or creams were able to help me. I then made it my personal mission to find a better solution to this problem for all women...and I did!

I started V-Luxe to put you first. Using science, transparency, and tons of research, our probiotics & supplements were developed by a talented team of scientists to help you feel your best.

My mission is personal, and I invite you to learn more about how we created our winning probiotic formula. 23+ million women each year struggle with BV and other vaginal issues, and my goal is to help as many women as I can. That is why I created V-Luxe."

ShyShy the founder of V-Luxe talking about probiotics and women's vaginal health

  • 5
    So worth it!

    Posted by Cindy R. on Oct 30th 2023 - Verified Customer

    This kit is so wroth it, I never took probiotics before so it was nice to start with the 15 B and move up to the 50 B. The products work - I feel better physically and mentally. The company is easy to work with and I got email replies fast.

  • 5
    I keep coming back for more!

    Posted by Jessica on Aug 24th 2023 - Verified Customer

    These are the best products for your intimate health! I keep buying them because they are the only thing that works for me!

  • 5
    My vajayjay is so happy!!!

    Posted by Robin on May 2nd 2023 - Verified Customer

    I love V-Luxe!! The kit comes packaged so nicely. Ive been consistent on taking the products for the past 2 months and I feel such a huge difference with my vaginal health! My vaginal ph level went from 6 to 3.5, I feel more energized, and my vaginal infections (BV and yeast infections) are gone! I had zero side effects form the supplements and my next purchase will be for my BFF who is also struggling with recurring BV! Ill be your customer for life!

  • 5
    So good!!

    Posted by Heidi on Apr 30th 2023 - Verified Customer

    So good and the directions are easy to follow. Each item has it’s purpose to cure you from chronic BV!

  • 5
    Good products!!

    Posted by Eunice T. on Apr 20th 2023 - Verified Customer

    A collection of good products that help keeping my vagina clean and healthy! My favorite is the 50 billion cfu. Thank you!!

  • 5
    Quick results!

    Posted by Niley J. on Apr 4th 2023 - Verified Customer

    Give your body the good stuff and see the results. I’ve been on these products for two months and my results are amazing! More good discharge to the point that I don’t need to use lube during sex, the discomfort and itching is gone, no bv! I’m very happy!

  • 5

    Posted by Sophie L. on Mar 20th 2023 - Verified Customer

    Everything that you need for a healthy vag, free of bacterial vaginosis! It’s really important that you stay consistent and trust the process, the results are incredible. My favorites are the probiotics and mushroom immune system.

  • 5
    I am extremely satisfied with the V-Luxe!

    Posted by Crystal J. on Mar 4th 2023 - Verified Customer

    These products helped me with my vaginal health. I went from a ph of 5.5 down to 4.5 and I no longer experience any discomfort or bacterial vaginosis infections. Im now subscribed to the monthly plan.

  • 5

    Posted by Kesha T. on Feb 22nd 2023 - Verified Customer

    Fantastic kit for BV! I was able to find out that the lube I was using was triggering my BV, I never thought about checking my vag ph before I was introduced to v-luxe! Im so thrilled with the results, I take these supplements every day and I feel stronger, healthier, and more confident than ever!

  • 5
    The best thing for your vagina!!

    Posted by Onuyia T. on Feb 16th 2023 - Verified Customer

    This is the best kit for BV, you really dont need anything else to cure your BV. The ph test is great to see the progression of your healing process, the probiotics are definitely the big game changers here, dropping your ph level and you just need to add the oregano oil and mushrooms when you feel sick or feel like you have a BV infection coming back just to give your immunity system the extra support.

  • 5
    My chronic BV is cured!

    Posted by Kate J. on Jan 25th 2023 - Verified Customer

    When I started taking these supplements my ph was very high (the darkest color on the chart) and after 2 months of using these products its down to 4.5. I love the customer service from V-Luxe as well, I asked to change the mushroom supplement with another oregano oil and they did it without any issues! Love supporting women owned businesses.

  • 5
    Thank you V-Luxe!

    Posted by Emily A. on Jan 15th 2023 - Verified Customer

    I was hesitant to try the V-luxe Starter Kit at first, but Im so glad I did! Ive been BV-free for weeks now and it's all thanks to V-Luxe!