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V-Luxe Vaginal pH Test Paper (15 Foot Roll, Approximately 100 Tests!) at

Vaginal pH Test Paper (15 Foot Roll, Approximately 100 Tests!)

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An Easy Test to Monitor Your Vaginal pH Level At Home & Find Out What Might Trigger it to Go Up & Make You More Prone to Vaginal Infections.

Easy to use:
Easily Monitor & Check Your Vaginal pH Level at Home.
Healthy pH:
A Healthy Vaginal pH Level is Between 3.5 - 4.5.
Must Have:
A Must-Have for Women Dealing With Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast Infections, & UTIs.
Made in the USA:
Proudly Made in the USA!
An Elevated Vaginal pH Level May Indicate an Infection is Coming.
Find your trigger:
Find The Trigger For Your Vaginal Infection By Testing Your Vaginal pH on a Daily Basis..

At Home pH Testers... For Your Vagina!
Easily monitor your vaginal pH level at home! V-Luxe is now offering pH test paper for at-home use. This is a must-have for women who are dealing with recurring bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections as it helps to monitor changes in vaginal pH which could indicate the beginning of an infection.

We highly recommend testing your vaginal pH level every morning and night so you can get a better idea of lifestyle habits that may increase your pH level and may make you more susceptible to getting BV and/or yeast infections. For example, if you notice that your pH is elevated after eating a lot of sugar during the day, it may be a sign to cut down on sugar and see if it helps lower your pH level! You can also test your pH level after sexual activity to check how different lubes, condoms, and even partners (!) affect your vajayjay!

A healthy vaginal pH level is crucial in order to prevent recurring Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections. A healthy vaginal pH level (3.5 - 4.5) keeps bad bacteria at bay and maintains a balanced environment. 

We use Hydrion® as our pH supplier! A USA supplier that produces their pH paper right here, in the United States!

"Hi! I'm ShyShy, the founder of V-Luxe. My story is probably similar to yours. I struggled with recurring BV (bacterial vaginosis) for years, and no doctors, pills, or creams were able to help me. I then made it my personal mission to find a better solution to this problem for all women...and I did!

I started V-Luxe to put you first. Using science, transparency, and tons of research, our probiotics were developed by a talented team of scientists to help you feel your best.

My mission is personal, and I invite you to learn more about how we created our winning probiotic formula. 23+ million women each year struggle with BV and other vaginal issues, and my goal is to help as many women as I can. That is why I created V-Luxe."

ShyShy the founder of V-Luxe talking about probiotics and women's vaginal health probiotics how to use step 2   Simply gather a small sample of your vaginal discharge using a Q-tip. probiotics how to use step 2   Rip a small piece of the pH paper and apply the discharge onto the paper. probiotics how to use step 3   The paper will then change its color to match the correct pH level of your discharge. Now all you need to do is compare the paper color to the color chart printed on the product to see your pH level!

The pH Scale (what does it mean?):

3: your vaginal pH level is too acidic.

3.5 - 4.5: this is the desired vaginal pH level; slightly acidic to protect your body from recurring vaginal infections.

5 - 5.5: this vaginal pH level is considered high and might mean a BV infection is present or beginning to form. 

  • 5
    Cost effective

    Posted by Mila K. on Jul 6th 2023 - Verified Customer

    I purchased the tester 3 months ago and I still havent run out. It helped me understand that the lube I was using was bad for my pH level. I recommend this item!

  • 5
    All good!

    Posted by Brielle D. on Jun 20th 2023 - Verified Customer

    Fast shipping, tests accurately (I checked it against water and vinegar).

  • 5
    easy to use and helps me understand my vaginal environment

    Posted by Heather on May 23rd 2023 - Verified Customer

    Its so great to know my vaginal ph and learn when Im most sensitive to getting BV so I can then double up on my probiotics.

  • 5
    Its accurate!

    Posted by Millie on May 11th 2023 - Verified Customer

    Ive been using it for a long time now, when I have BV the color gets darker, when Im healthy the color is at 4.0.

  • 5
    I didnt know what ph was!

    Posted by Barbie J. on Feb 28th 2023 - Verified Customer

    I had zero idea of what a vaginal ph is and how its connected to BV. I learned SO MUCH from V-Luxe and I now check my ph level all the time. I got this product two months ago and I just ran out (Im checking my ph 2-3 times a day) so the value for the money is great! Whenever I get a feeling that I have BV the first thing I do is to check my vaginal ph level. It usually comes back normal and it relaxes me! I then take double the probiotics to knock it out and feel great within a few hours.

  • 5
    It lasts a long time!

    Posted by Romy D on Jan 13th 2023 - Verified Customer

    Youll be set with one of these for a few months, its a great tool to keep track on your vaginal health.

  • 5

    Posted by Taisha T. on Jan 11th 2023 - Verified Customer

    Very easy to check your vaginal ph level with this paper.

  • 5

    Posted by Mikkie on Oct 14th 2022 - Verified Customer

    Accurate and easy, helps you know when you have an infection.

  • 5
    Genius product!

    Posted by Julia on Sep 29th 2022 - Verified Customer

    Saves you a trip to the OB, such an easy way to check your vaginal ph level. Once you get BV over and over again, you know how to spot it, the ph tester confirms an infection instead of getting a diagnosis at the doctors office. Side note - Ive been using the 15 Billion probiotics to cure my last BV infection and I watched my vaginal ph level go from 5 down to 3.5, thats how I know the probiotics work!

  • 5

    Posted by Haily on Sep 12th 2022 - Verified Customer

    so simple but so important to help you with bacterial vaginosis. I love knowing what my ph level is every morning and to also see how their probiotics help me in real time to make my vajayjay healthier and better!

  • 5
    It helps you to find out what causes BV

    Posted by Helena W. on Aug 19th 2022 - Verified Customer

    With me, it ended up being the lube I was using! I changed my lube and my ph stopped being so high. I am also taking the 15 Billion probiotics from v-luxe.

  • 5
    Use it to find your BV trigger!

    Posted by Raechel I. on Jun 23rd 2022 - Verified Customer

    I took V-Luxe advice and started monitoring my ph level! It helped me realize that the lube Im using is causing my ph to go up so I stopped using it immediately! I wish more doctors would tell us ladies about this method!