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​How To Keep Your Vagina Healthy During The Holidays?! | V-Luxe

​How To Keep Your Vagina Healthy During The Holidays?! | V-Luxe

Posted by V-Luxe on on Nov 24th 2021

The holidays have arrived, and like always, V-Luxe is here to help you keep your vagina healthy and balanced through the meals and family gatherings!

The holidays are wonderful times to reconnect with family, relax, and feast! It’s important to remember to follow these steps to keep your vagina healthy and prevent yeast infections, UTIs, and bacterial vaginosis from paying you a visit as well!

Drinking: alcohol is a huge trigger for vaginal infections, it could dry your vagina and can promote bad bacteria and yeast to overgrow and create a vaginal infection. That’s why it’s extremely important to drink water, even more than you’re normally used to, to keep your vagina hydrated and healthy! Keep a water bottle by your side at all time, and have a glass a water after every wine glass!

Food: nothing can beat the holiday meals! Unfortunately, most foods are usually rich in carbs, butter, dairy (did someone say mushed potatoes or deep fried turkey?!), and sugar. These are foods that do not help your vaginal health. Sugar is fuel for BV causing bad bacteria and yeast and you can very easily find yourself with an unwanted infection by the end of the holiday. What can you do? Fill your body with as many nutrients as you can! Volunteer to bring a healthy veggie dish to Thanksgiving. Don’t load your food with butter and oil, try to use as little butter as you can and use seasoning to enhance the flavors of your food. Most recipes will call for a more than needed amount of butter and sugar, but you can cut down on that.

You can also eat a healthy snack or small meal at home, prior to leaving for a holiday party so you are not starving and can eat small portions of the unhealthy food.

Stress: while the holidays are usually a fun time to see friends and family, they can also be extremely stressful! Stress can definitely cause your vagina to be unhappy and promote vaginal infections. Don’t be afraid to see no to go to gatherings where you don’t feel comfortable or are prone to drama! Your mental health is your number one concern. Take some time off for yourself during this holiday season, treat yourself with a favorite Netflix show, buy yourself a gift you’ve been excited about, and simply unwind. When your body is at ease, it works better!

Lastly, don’t forget to take your daily vaginal probiotics. V-Luxe probiotics will help you balance your vaginal pH level and prevent vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and UTIs. Some studies have shown that probiotics can also help your mood and improve mental health which is a big bonus!

You can order your V-Luxe daily probiotics for women here.