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Your Vaginal Discharge During a Menstrual Cycle! | V-Luxe

Your Vaginal Discharge During a Menstrual Cycle! | V-Luxe

Posted by V-Luxe on on Jun 4th 2022

Before we start – please understand that in this blog post we’ll be talking about what a healthy vaginal discharge usually appears as. If you’re currently dealing with recurring bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, or any other vaginal infections, your discharge may not match the descriptions below.

Our vaginal discharge tells us a lot about our health, specifically our fertility! Your period comes and goes, hopefully like clockwork, but what happens “down there” during the rest of the month? Let’s dive in and find out!

Where Does the Discharge Even Come From?

Vaginal or cervical mucus/fluid comes from the cervix (the opening of your uterus). Our hormones work in perfect harmony (see what we did there!) all month long to prepare your uterus for a potential baby. The vaginal discharge that you see every day is just a part of the process!

Why Do We Even Have Cervical Mucus/Fluid?

Cervical mucus/fluid has two main jobs:

1) During your ovulation window: Increase your vaginal pH level (low acidic pH is bad for sperm) and help the sperm swim up to meet and fertilize the egg.

2) During non-fertile days: Prevent sperm and any other substances from entering the cervix.

These are the changes in cervical mucus/fluid that most women will experience, but just remember that every one of us is different and your mucus might be different than what’s described below:

This is the discharge pattern that will happen during a 28-day menstrual cycle:

Days 1-4: Your period just ended, your discharge will be dry or tacky. The discharge color will be white or yellow.

Days 4-6: Sticky and gooey, a slightly damp and white discharge will welcome you this time of the month.

Days 7-9: A creamy, yogurt-like consistency that will be more wet and cloudy.

Days 10-14 (your fertility window is here!): Very stretchy, often clear and resembles raw egg whites. Slippery and very wet (remember, we have to help the sperm on his journey up!).

Days 14-28: Dry until your get your period and then of course turns red because of the blood.

If you are looking to get pregnant, look out for that stretchy, clear, raw egg white type of discharge. This is such a great telling sign for so many women who are trying to conceive!

What About BV & Yeast Infections?

If you are suffering from recurring bacterial vaginosis (BV), or yeast infections, you will probably see other types of discharge. The BV discharge is caused by bad bacteria overgrowth and will usually smell and have a yellow/gray color. Most women describe the smell as fishy, but it can definitely range from fishy to just a bad, unpleasant odor. Remember that healthy discharge is odorless and you never need to worry about using scented vaginal perfumes/deodorants or other scented products because they might make things worse by increasing your vaginal pH level.

Yeast infections usually have a cottage cheese like discharge which usually does not smell. This discharge is caused by yeast overgrowth and it’s important to get an accurate diagnosis from your doctor if you start seeing this type of vaginal discharge.

Did You Know that Daily Probiotics Can Help You With Vaginal Discharge?!

V-Luxe probiotics are formulated to help women bring their vaginal pH level to normal levels (3.5 – 4.5) by producing lactic acid. This acid keeps your vagina healthy because it keeps bad bacteria and yeast at bay and doesn’t let them overgrow and cause an infection. A good amount of good bacteria that were able to successfully colonize your vagina will provide a natural defense against pathogens and infections (goodbye, BV!). We’re all about healthy vaginas here at V-Luxe!

What Makes the V-Luxe Probiotics Different?

1) We use 8 strains of good bacteria that have been clinically studied and proven to help with women’s health.

2) We offer a CUF guarantee: our probiotics are formulated to survive extreme weather, stomach acid, & are shelf stable. We guarantee the LIVE CFU count through the expiration date.

3) We include prebiotics in our formula. Prebiotics is essentially food for the good bacteria so when they get to your vagina, they can thrive and grow successfully!

4) We produce all of our products in the USA. We guarantee the purity and quality of our products by managing every step of the production process at our 125,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Everything is made in the USA. Our production facility is equipped with Class 10,000 clean rooms, and exceeds industry standards for air quality and moisture control. This serves to maximize product stability and integrity, ensuring stringent quality standards and supporting robust product development capabilities.

5) We offer a money-back-guarantee! You can try our probiotics for 30 or 60 days (depends on the item that you selected). If you don’t see any results, we’ll give you your money back, no need to send the product back to us.

We truly believe in our products, we’ve already changed the life quality of so many women and we’re so confident you will fall in love with our probiotics too!

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