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Why Women's Vaginal pH can Cause BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) | V-Luxe

Why Women's Vaginal pH can Cause BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) | V-Luxe

Posted by V-Luxe on on Oct 31st 2021

What is Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)?

Bacterial vaginosis happens when there's an imbalance of bad and good bacteria in vaginal bacteria. When vaginal pH is thrown off balance, the vagina can become more hospitable to bad bacterial growth which causes BV. Having an imbalance of good bacteria to bad bacteria makes it easier for harmful bacteria to grow and multiply more quickly than usual.

Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms: 

Bacterial vaginosis symptoms include vaginal odor, discharge, and discomfort. The most common symptom is a thin white or gray vaginal discharge that often has a "fishy" smell, but some women may not have any signs of bacterial vaginosis at all! 

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment: 

If you have tested positive for BV, your doctor will prescribe you with antibiotics. It's important to note that the antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria. However, good bacteria are needed to keep the vaginal pH level healthy. You should absolutely take daily probiotics that are formulated for vaginal health during the course of your antibiotics (a few hours apart from taking the antibiotics) and then ever day after to prevent your BV from coming back. Bacterial vaginosis can also be controlled by making lifestyle changes that help lower the number of harmful bacteria in the vagina. Click here to read the full list of all lifestyle changes you should make to keep your vagina healthy!

How Can I Prevent BV and What Does my pH Level Has To Do With It?!

Your vaginal pH level plays a large role in bacterial vaginosis prevention and keeping the bacterial balance healthy. Vaginal pH encourages good bacterial growth, and taking probiotics on a daily basis can help keep your vaginal pH balanced by killing off harmful bacteria that causes bacterial vaginosis. Using a daily probiotic supplement to keep the vagina healthy and bacterial-free is a great way to prevent bacterial vaginosis from occurring in women who are at risk for developing bacterial vaginosis. Developing habits such as practicing safe sex, using condoms during intercourse, not douching , and avoiding wearing tight clothes can also reduce the development of bacterial vaginosis in women. 

V-Luxe developed a probiotic formula that is specifically intended to help women who are suffering from bacterial vaginosis and other vaginal infections like yeast infection to keep your vaginal pH level healthy and blanched. Our probiotic formula contains 8 strains of clinically studied probiotics, prebiotic which is the food good bacteria loves to eat, and a guarantee that the CFU (colony forming units) will stay alive and active through the expiration date as well as survive stomach acid. You can purchase our V-Luxe probiotics here and start your journey towards a healthier vagina today!