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The Benefits of Wild Oregano Oil For Women's Vaginal Health | V-Luxe

The Benefits of Wild Oregano Oil For Women's Vaginal Health | V-Luxe

Posted by V-Luxe on on Jul 11th 2022

You probably heard about oregano as a popular Italian seasoning that we all love to sprinkle over pizza and pasta. More than its amazing flavor, wild oregano oil (a different form of the spice oregano) has incredible medicinal properties that can help us women with vaginal health!

Please note that when we refer to wild oregano oil in this article, we are not talking about oregano oil as an essential oil. The essential oil form is not meant to be consumed. The wild oregano oil we’ll be discussing is a high-potency extract that can be consumed orally as long as it’s taken with a carrier oil (we’ll talk about this in a bit!).

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Why Wild Oregano Oil?

Wild oregano oil extract has been used for years by the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations for medicinal purposes. The name “oregano” originates from the Greek words “oros” and “ganos”, meaning mountain and joy.

Wild oregano oil is often referred to as the “natural antibiotics”. The reason for that is that wild oregano oil has antibacterial properties that can help you fight bad bacteria without harming the good bacteria in your body. This is different than traditional prescribed antibiotics which kill both good and bad bacteria and can cause recurring infections (for example, recurring bacterial vaginosis and recurring UTIs).

Wild oregano oil contains powerful antioxidant compounds that are called phenol, terpenes, and terpenoids. Scientists believe that the following 3 components are responsible for the many health benefits we can get from the wild oregano oil:

Carvacrol: this is the most powerful phenol in the wild oregano oil. Carvacrol has been shown to stop the growth of several types of bad bacteria that can cause infections (including vaginal infections). It’s important to make sure the wild oregano oil you choose to buy is standardized to at least 50% carvacrol.

Thymol: a natural anti-fungal (great for yeast infections that are usually caused by Candida!), that will boost your immune system and act as protection against toxins.

Rosmarinic Acid: this is a powerful antioxidant that works to protect us against free radicals.

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Wild Oregano Oil to Help With Vaginal Health-

Natural Antibiotics (for BV and UTI): As we previously mentioned, Carvacrol may be extremely beneficial against common types of bad bacteria. Scientists agree that more research should be conducted to see exactly how wild oregano oil can be used as an alternative to traditional antibiotics. We do know that many types of bad bacteria can become resistant to traditional antibiotics and that we definitely need to find an alternative. This could be extremely beneficial to women who are suffering from recurring bacterial vaginosis and recurring UTIs, especially if it seems like the traditional antibiotics don’t get rid of their infections anymore.

Works Against Candida (for yeast infections): Wild oregano oil works by interacting with the yeast cells and killing the membrane of the yeast buds. A few test-tube studies found that oregano oil was able to inhibit the growth of 16 different strains of candida (yeast causing fungi). More research is needed in this area of course to determine if oregano oil could replace the current traditional treatment for yeast infections.

Additional Benefits:

1) May help with gut health by killing parasites that cause diarrhea, pain, and bloating.

2) May have anti-inflammatory properties.

3) A few studies indicated that Carvacrol may have cancer-fighting properties. Test-tube studies have shown promising results of the Carvacrol inhibiting the growth of lung, liver, and breast cancer cells. We definitely need more studies in this area!

How to Use the Wild Oregano Oil?

1) You can buy wild oregano oil extract in a liquid or capsule form. If you choose the liquid form, you’ll need to consume it with a carrier oil (olive oil, grape-seed oil, etc). We typically find it much easier to consume wild oregano oil in a capsule form. The V-Luxe Wild Oregano Oil already includes the carrier oil and it is standardized to 70% Carvacrol. This flavor of the wild oregano oil is very potent and a lot of people find it hard to take in the liquid form. You can purchase the V-Luxe Wild Oregano Oil here.

2) Do not take the wild oregano oil if you are actively trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or breastfeeding.

3) Take the V-Luxe Wild Oregano Oil when you feel a flare up of BV, yeast infection, or UTI. You can take it 1-3 times a day, with a meal. We recommend you don’t take the V-Luxe Wild Oregano Oil for more than 7 consecutive days at a time.

4) As always, we recommend you consult with your doctor before you start taking this supplement.