I’ve never heard about or taken probiotics before, I’m not sure where & how to begin! | V-Luxe

I’ve never heard about or taken probiotics before, I’m not sure where & how to begin! | V-Luxe

Posted by V-Luxe on on Apr 21st 2022

You’re definitely not alone and this blog post is exactly for you! We’ll break down exactly what probiotics mean, how they can be helpful in stopping recurring bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and UTIs, and show you how to easily get started!

What Do Probiotics Even Mean?!

Probiotics are live microorganisms that provide health benefits to our body. It may sound weird to think about these mysterious tiny things that are alive inside of us, but they are crucial for our body to function well!

When we talk about probiotics, we’ll always only refer to good bacteria – a bacteria that has benefits to our health. Bad bacteria will be referred to as a pathogen – this could be any bacteria that is causing harm to our body and health.

Probiotics help in so many different areas of our body! There are many probiotic strains, and each strain can give us different benefits. There are probiotics that help with gut health, colon health, vaginal health, and even brain & mood balance!

We’ve only started studying the benefits of these magical tiny organisms in the past few decades. It may sound like a lot of time, but it’s actually not and we have so much more to learn about probiotics!

Can’t I Just Get My Probiotics From Food Sources?

Yes, you absolutely can! Some foods/drinks like kombucha and yogurt naturally contain probiotics, and if you are not prone to bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, or UTIs, this might be the best option for you.

However, if you are taking probiotics to treat a health issue like BV, you will have a better chance at preventing the recurring BV infection by taking a probiotic supplement like the V-Luxe probiotics that are specifically targeted to help you with vaginal health.

How Do The Probiotics Work?!

The V-Luxe probiotics have good bacteria strains that are naturally found in your body, and specifically your vagina. Once these good bacteria strains arrive to your vaginal area, they start producing lactic acid. This acid is amazing for us women and it helps keeps our vaginal pH level healthy and balanced (between 3.5 – 4.5). This pH level creates a natural defense system against bad bacteria and yeast. That’s how our V-Luxe probiotics work to help you prevent bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and UTIs.

Why Should I Take Probiotics With Antibiotics?

You will be prescribed antibiotics by your doctor to treat an infection. Antibiotics unfortunately, do not distinguish between good and bad bacteria, their job is to identify, attack, and kill ANY bacteria that comes in their way.

Now that you know how important good bacteria strains are to your natural immune system, you understand that the antibiotics will basically destroy all the good bacteria that you have built (this goes beyond vaginal health as we also need good bacteria for gut health, colon health, and so much more!). That’s the reason we always recommend to incorporate your probiotics even during an antibiotic treatment. Do not take the antibiotics and probiotics at the same time, take the probiotic supplement a few hours apart from the antibiotics. This way, you’ll give your body the best chance to quickly replenish the good bacteria that you lost during your antibiotic treatment and bring your immune system back to balance!

Ok, I Get It! I Want To Get Started, What Next?!

It’s important to note that introducing any new supplement to your body, may cause light side-effects. With probiotics, the main side-effects are mild stomach aches and extra “gas”. This happens because the good bacteria helps your digestion as well!

To minimize side-effects, we recommend starting with our lower potency formula (yet, still, extremely effective!) the 15 Billion CFU Probiotics.

After a month or two, we recommend changing to our higher potency formula – the 50 Billion CFU Probiotics. The 50 Billion formula will provide you with more good bacteria and a stronger protection against bad bacteria and yeast overgrowth.

Final Thoughts

Consistency is extremely important when we talk about vaginal health, specifically, if you are prone to recurring bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and UTIs. We highly recommend you keep taking the probiotic supplement every single day, as a part of your daily vitamin routine. There could be so many reasons that may impact your vaginal pH level throughout your day – tight clothes, sex, lube, semen (it has a high pH and can throw you off balance), diet, caffeine, weather, and so much more! By taking the V-Luxe probiotics every day, you give your body a constant and steady protection against these annoying vaginal infections.